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morning a little shower trying to pop up over westminster. look at york, p.a. there's been a couple storms and pretty heavy downpours dropping their way through. so this is interstate 83 and anybody traveling this stretch and people watching us in the cable up there red lion and loganville, down through stewarttown and it's been wet. and it's been wet in the hereford zone which could lead to fog and down by cockeysville and glen arm getting wet weather as well. they have had some up towards fallston. on the wide view it doesn't look like a lot is going on. most of this stuff is up toward the northeast. we have had that along the i-95 stretch. some of the road are wet and looks like the latest rounds of showers up towards perryville and havre de grace and northeast pulled out. but there could be more running down the pike. there's trough of boundary continuing to focus the same energy. basically, baltimore down through annapolis, there's nothing to speak of in terms of rainfall. this afternoon and evening could be a different story. but it's warm and sticky.
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most of us mid to upper 70s. baltimore southbound underneath rain band is cooled down. 92 for us locally by noon. 98 the two tee free guaranteed high with a -- degree guaranteed high. how about the traffic tanya. >> reporter: good. luckily there's no reports of accidents in cecil or harford county. let's check the jones falls expressway. jfx at cold spring, your lanes should be open here. starting to get a little volume. the actual -- the southbound traffic is heavier to the right of the screen moving away from the camera. in howard county, we have fallen trees. first 83 southbound is traveling fine from shawan to the beltway 95 to white marsh is 6 minutes. outer loop 795 to 70, that takes about 7 minutes. we have fallen trees in howard county and also some fallen wires. it's going to be new cut road between college and hillsboro.
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we have an accident in the cleanup stage over on right shoaled -- stages over on right shoulder outer loop at 295. a 3-year-old in howard county has been murder. linda so is here with more on how the boy died. >> reporter: well, someone suffocated the 3-year-old. right now police have no suspects and today detect lives try to get closer to finding one. #-year-old elijah lajeuness lived in the apartment with family members. back in april a. family member called 911 and when rescue crews got there, the boy was unconscious and not breathing. he died at the hospital the medical examiner says he wassuffocated. his parents divorced last year. we talked to a woman who used to baby sit for elijah and said he seemed to be having problems especially with a male relative that appeared to be abusive with him. >> he sometimes would get into alot of fights with kids burks
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not always. -- kids, but not always. i am guessing he was a regular3- year-old. >> reporter: so far no suspects have been named. the investigation is ongoing. linda so, abc2 news. also in howard county, an 18-year-old man has been arrested in the stabbing death of a 17-year-old. david bates is charged with first and second degree murder in the death of christian hall. they got into a fight on wednesday which led bates into hall's apartment. he was pronounced dead at a local hospital. the harford county sheriff's office is asking for help solving a murder. debra burgesss was stabbed to death last august. her killer remains on the loose. >> i am bothered by it. i am hoping someone will find out what's going on. >> police are hoping this case is going to be closed soon but it remains open. if you have information, give harford county police a call. we are work for you and families -- working for you and
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families struggling for answers on unsolved murders. find the information on our website. this morning we know the identities of three people shot in a home set on fire in northeast baltimore. they are 58-year-old billy ray loveit and his daughter tanika gibbs and michael jones. police got a call when they found the victims. no suspects have been arrested in the case. the u.s. attorney's office says a baltimore attorney has been sentenced to five years for child porn. david goldstein was sentenced wednesday to five years of supervised release and has to register as sex offender. an undercover fbi agent in new jersey saw goldstein logged onto a public website sharing 1500 files. that agent down loaded 22 images and six videos of goldstein's files all containing minors engaged in the sex act. prosecutors say the arrest was conducted under the project safe childhood a nationwide initiative begins child
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sexualexploitation. robert curran is babbing off remarks made e said if rest -- remarks he made e says if residents want faster response time to a crime when they call 911 say the suspect has a gun. >> i knew what i was saying and i knew it would bray response. my intent was -- bring a response. my tint was to bring this issue to a head. and if i suffer the consequence by putting the issue on thetrouble about the response times and the a person until assigned to sector 2 in northeastern district, so be it. >> police fired back saying that suggestion is irresponsible and if you are caught lying to police dispatchers, it could result in you being charged with filing a false police report. a live look from the camera downtown in the inner harbor. justin just talked about it. it could be a hot and dangerous weekend out there. a code orange air quality has been issued for today and that means children older adults and anyone with a heart or
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respiratory condition should take extra care. frederick is opening a cooling center to help people cope with the heat. the cooling center is at 100 south market street. it will open at 8:30 and close at 6:30 tonight. the city says the hot weatherprompted potomac edison to cancel maintenance work that would have caused outages throughout parts of downtown frederick. many of us crank up the ac during the weekend, but bge expects to have enough electricity on demand. the public service commission is currently look into complaints from some par tis paints in the peak rewards program that says they were out ac for more than ten hours. the program allows bge to turn off heat and cooling units when demand is at the highest. we are working for you at click on the featured stories section for the hot weather guide. inside, find all sorts of tips you need to stay cool during the dog days of summer. well a. live picture once
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again down at the inner harbor. construction in full swing for maryland's 9/11 memorial going on at world trade center plaza. it was un-- it will be unveiled in a month and a half. the construction company removed part of the fencing panel so we could get a sneak peek. wreckage from the world trade center and pentagon will be incorporated into the memorial that's going to function as sun dial using the shadow of the baltimore trade center building. >> i am actually amazed. we started -- we unveiled the project to the public at the commission hearing on -- in late may. we started construction in june and we are setting stones in july. it's amazing. >> twisted steel beams rest on the stone bearing the names and birthdays on victims killed on 9/11 that considered maryland home. the baltimore animal rescue and care needs your help finding someone who seat kitten on fire. this kitten, two men spotted the kitten known as hope in
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baltimore. he was burned all over the body and barcs says he will probably lose its ears and is staying in a foster home. >> i feel for the animals that can't defend themselves or speak for themselves. and i want to help as much as i can. >> donations are being accepted to help the kitten named hope and for more information, go to for a link to barcs. freshen up your pooch. time to take him out for a night on the town. maryland spca is kick off a wine and wag happy hour and sherrie johnson is there to tell us about it. >> reporter: well, we are here at the maryland spca on falls road and yes, tonight, this organization is helping animals with the wine and wag happy hour. right now, i have aileen gabbey joining me live this morning. good morning. thanks for being out here so early. we appreciate it. what's going on tonight. >> maryland spca is hosting wine and wag with a special
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theme barkaritaville because it's so hot today and tonight. we are hosting it at downtown dog off hanover in south baltimore. tickets are $10 in advance and you can go to the website tickets are $15 at the door. it's a great fund-raiser and fun. you can bring your dog and they can have a happy hour with you. >> reporter: and what kind of events and activities can people expect? >> it's fun for pets and people. so, drinks for people and also for the dogs there will be a canine pool party. they have a great pool at downtown dog. play groups in and outside. hopefully it will get a little cool. but the air conditioning inside will be appreciated. >> reporter: and that's at 200 west mccombas street. >> yes off hanover 5:30 to 7:30 tonight. >> reporter: should be fun and we have to get this guy, raven, we have to get hmm adopted. >> raven -- him adopted. >> raven is adopted. we took him in from the barcs
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shelter. he is mellow and 6 years old we want to find him a home. >> reporter: thanks so much. it kicks off tonight at 5:30 and runs until 7:30. it should be a lot of fun. reporting live sherrie, joson, abc -- sherrie johnson, amount bc2 news. august 2nd deadline nears. is congress any closer to an agreement? no rushing in the rush hour. what consumers are saying this could be turned into a traffic nightmare. and what would you do when you can't get to your job? the unusual mode of transportation for some employees stranded by the floods. right now up to new york for a look at america's money. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, what if there is a debt default? the treasury department today is meeting in new york with 20 of the largest banks which often buy government bond. bloomberg reports there's a default treasury will give priority to make interest payments to bondholders.
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ford can't make enough of the focus to keep with up demand. there's a problem making dashboards. ford is flying in parts from europe but it's not enough. the focus was the top selling passenger car last month. traffic at starbucks is back up to prerecession levels. its customers more affluent are visiting more often and they reported a big jump in profits. and jetblue is offering a 3- month pass for unlimited flights, the blue pass is aimed at business travelers and allows last-minute bookings and changes. prices start at 1300 dollarch and that's america's money -- dollars. and that's america's money. i am tonya rive-ro. -- tanyary vairo. -- tanya rivero.
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severe weather in eastern
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iowa. dozens were evacuated mostly by boat as storms dumped heavy rains in i did buick. bridges -- dubuque. >> with all the rain we are supposed to get, the ground is saturday rated enough. so if it happened at any minute you can want to be careful of your -- any minute and you want to be careful of your family. >> there are no serious injuries so far. a casino in iowa found a clever way to get gambleers and workers back to the tables. the casino has been closed since last month when the mississippi river flooded. but it started using duck boats to fore people through the waters. they are paddled through the water so to speak. they are used for touring but in this case, they have gambleers at the table. it's packing winds at 50 miles an hour but fore-- an hour but forecasters say it's not likely it will become a hurricane moving through south texas. some think it won't be a big
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deal, others are taking necessary precautions. >> it's supposed to be a none event but you don't want to wait until it's 40 knots to get the boat red qloiy. >> tropical storm don will make landfall -- ready. >> trop scale -- tropical storm don is expected to make landfall tonight. track your weather here down to your neighborhood. all you have to do is down load the wmar, abc2 weather app use interactive maps for the latest forecast and follow storms just ahead of the website, abc2 news/weather and fine the free weather app links and instrucks how to get the abc2 weather app. when you think about it historically and the abc 2 app, getting weather in the palm of your hand is a advancement we should always be aware what he going on. >> it's dream it's since i was kid. and i am not kidding knees not kidding. >> i wanted that power in your palm. oh. by the way, power from don. it will be a good thing.
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it's welcomeed storm. it will pass to the south of corpus christi and now starting to reach the radar extension off south texas. brownsville right there, south padres island and probably going to pass halfway between there and corpus christi. wind expected to get -- winds expected to get between 60 and 65 when eye makes landfall near or before midnight local time and winds diminish tomorrow andalong the rio grand it will be beneficial -- grande, it will be beneficial rain. local flooding up to 5 to 7 inches but they need that rain. a little wind damage as it comes onshore. this morning, 74 northeastern fallston. and it's muggy and you've had rain. it's 80 in glen burnie and 81 in annapolis. let's show outrain. actually going north -- you the rain. actually going north, this is 83 and the prk a. line and -- p.a. line and then york and red lion and these are place that is got
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pummeled with a couple of heavy downpours, but a good thing. lake redman is filled up pretty well. the local reservoir but they are needing added rainfall up in the drought stricken area. a lot of lawns turning brown. and this band of rain will continue to track down towards the south and east as we are watching the baltimore county a couple bands of rain pushing towards white marsh and kingsville. and we have had some across harford county. we will see what happens and track it on maybe north of bel air and cecil county this morning. here's the deal, we will track this band of rainfall on the other side. it's all about the heat and humidity and that's the stuff that builds in for the rest of the day. now we may get showers and storms to act on some of the heat and humidity. and we will be near record territory this afternoon. we have the heat advisory. we have got the code orange air quality, and we have got another record high temperature within our reach. as we head through the afternoon, 99 by the way would be the mark set in the 1950s.
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and it will come to an end with showers and storms in the evening hours. that's 8:00. out of the same region central and southeastern p.a. dropping across the boardeer and rain in cecil. harford, and northern baltimore and carroll county. through baltimore before midnight and we will look for a hot, sticky weekend maybe pull it back a little bit on the thermometer. 99 the record, 98 is the two degree guaranteed high. we will be close. heat advisory code orange air quality. be careful outside with the kids and elderly and infirmed. 80 overnight. look for the storms between sunset and midnight. 93 sunday and 9 5 tomorrow and low to mid-90s next week mainly scattered afternoon thundershowers. let's check the traffic with tanya. >> reporter: more people getting out of the door and on the road. we are starting to get some volume out there. so we are trying to slow down a little bit. let's look out there and see how things are moving on the outer loop. 695 at liberty crowed, that's
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the outer loop -- road, that's the outer loop. and we have volume on the inner loop. the drive times are slowing down. 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway is 5 minutes. 95 southbound out the white marsh to 695 is 7 minutes. bel air to providence 6 or 7 minutes and outer loop 795 to 70, that could take from 7 to 9 minutes. in howard county, we have new cut road blocked due to fallen trees and wires between college avenue and hillsboro road. also, that earlier outer loop accident at 295, that has been cleared out of the way. charley. you think your commute is bad? chances are nothing compared to this. check out this. drivers along a michigan freeway, this is what they dealt w michigan state police closed i-94 due to severe flooding. >> my car is down on the freeway. i am not going to chance it and drive through it and get my car. so i am going to wait it out. >> terrible. i am stuck on the expressway
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over there. >> more than -- morning commuters could only stand and watch and wait for the watt tors recede, something they did do and people got back on the -- waters to recede, something they did do, and people got back on the road. this year, we reach a milestone number where the world will see the most growth which is important to note. and prince harry will forever be immortalized how he is joining another elite class. we will tell you about that. it's time for the morning's birth days. shelly hill turns 39. your aunt angela wants to whereby you a happy birthday and happy birthday from us. so sill vestter -- sill vestter joseph -- sylvester joseph turns 11 tomorrow. if you have a birthday to share, morning show at include animals and pets and great photographs. we are back in a bit.
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news around the world. landslides flooding and killing dozens of people in south korea may have exposed another problem previous forgotten. long lost land mines were planted decades ago as a defense measure for the country. troops are now trying to find all of them they can. check this out. a pretty amazing sight. the airline pilot captured this picture of a monsoon cloud from 36,000 feet. the photo was takeent in skies over india. -- taken over the skies in indian. how many people are on the planet? nearly 7 billion. that's a milestone we will reach later this year. a professor from harvard says the most growth is going to tack place from developing country. prince marchy will be featured in a comic book to be released next month. it will cost about 4 becomes but it will be available online for 7.99. he will join the novel series dedicated his brother william
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and his wife katherine middleton. the royals was released in april to coinside with the wedding. look for something to do this weekend? you may want to head downtown for otakon a convention and meeting for fans of anime and asian pop culture. people will be dressed in wigs and costumes like this. this is one of the biggest conventions on east coast and brings hundreds of thousands of people to the city. >> it's fun. it lets you release your creative aspect when you come up with different ideas for costumes and you meat a bunpch other -- meet a bunch of other people with similar interest. >> they are raising money for a good cause. you can buy merchandise for relief efforts for the earthquake victims in japan. an air show takes a turn for the worst. the pilot turned a routine landing into something that came to a screeching end. and precious jewelry was target and pepper spray was the weapon
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of choice. >> reporter: next tuesday, i am linda so, how the debt ceiling will affect your bottom line.
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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland. >> they cannot be an option because it won't pass the senate. it's dead on arrival. >> how many times have we heard that dead on arrival, that's what's going on with the debt plan. plans being made but nothing coming to an agreement. when will it end? and the soldier accused of planning and carrying out an attack on fort hood. what authorities say alerted them to the plot. and makers of extra strength tylenol change recommendations on how many pills you should take a day. find out what prompted the move on this friday, july 29th, good morning. i am charley crowson. megan is off today. time for a check of the forecast and we say good morning to justin berk. >> check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we have been watching the band of rain come out of cockeysville across lock raven reservoir and perry hall and near white marsh and up 95. some of the traffic cameras are getting damp th

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